"If it doesn't come from your heart, music just doesn't work."

- Levon Helm -

Collaborating Bands


Jarama River Side Studio




Drummer and Singer from Madrid. Started playing drums when he was 14 years old and he learned by himself by playing old classic Rock and Roll records, when he turned 16 he started playing with different bands from Jarama (north of Madrid).

At 18 years old he begging playing drums with the band that will introduce him in the music circuit called Love Division that record his first EP in New York, since then he started playing with some well known and some underground bands in Madrid and the rest of Spain like for example : Gansos Rosas, Piel y Hueso, Tonky de la Peña, Pere Mallen Trio, Cesar Crespo, Taxi, Freewheel, Da Groove Machine and many more…

When he turned 24 decided to move to London where he studied a degree on contemporary music at London Center Of Contemporary Music (LCCM) he became de Big band drummer and the first snare of the drumlin The Beefeaters.

Meanwhile he was playing with different and well know bands and artists in London like: Niall Kelly, Warren Heyes (swing tap dancer), Rollo Markee, Barry Jackson, Atlantic Soul Orchestra, The Fontanas, Sergio Sancho, Felix Holt and The Radicals, Greg Miller and so on…

Also he become the official drummer of many different Jams around London where he started singing/drumming Blues, RnR and Roots music in general thats when he discovered the passion for singing and playing drums following Levon Helm as his main influence.

He is currently playing with well known artists like: Edu Bighands, Cesar Crespo, Greg Izor, Demian Band, Alex Caporuscio just to mention some of them.

Also he decided to open a Honky Tonk bar called Jarama Riverside which once a month there is a live band gigging all organized by Kike Parra.

At the same time he had build an studio called Jarama Riverside Studios which he is using for some session recording for artists that he is collaborating with.